Sunday, August 25, 2013

URL shorteners

As you know I love using Google with my classes and often create documents such as Forms that I want to share with multiple people.  Just recently I created a Google Form that I want all of the seniors in my school fill out.  I have no way to electronically send a link so I had to include it in the flyer that gets mailed home.  If I sent a really long link I'm sure there would have be many people who either wouldn't bother typing it in or would type it in wrong.  So I shortened the link so that it is much easier.  Two websites that I use to shorten the links are and
When you use not only to do you get a shortened link, but you get a QR code for that link as well as some basic analytics about how many times people clicked on your link, what browser they were using and some others.  If you are logged into your Google account (and why wouldn't you be) you can go back to and get any of the shortened URLs that you have made in the past.

TinyURL is basically a simpler version of  You get a shortened URL, but you don't get any of the analytics or a place to go back to access your links.  The one thing that TinyURL does that doesn't is that it gives you the option to use your own word as part of the URL.  For example, you can turn a link into something like (where you got to pick what you wanted part of the link to be.  Give it is a try below!

Enter a long URL to make tiny:

What can you see yourself using a link shortener for?

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