Thursday, April 25, 2013

Going Google

I am very into Google and all of the ways I can use it in my classroom.  Google has these cute "goodies" that gives you some shortcuts for when you are searching.  With the push to create technology literate students, that includes doing research, knowing how to use search engines to their fullest is key.  These might be good to post on your website or print out and have accessible for students when searching the web.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

QuestBase - create online and print test, quizzes and surveys

I just heard about a site that allows you to create tests, quizzes, survey and anything else you would need to create that has questions in it. It's called QuestBase. Right now it's still in Beta so not all of the feature are 100% yet, but from what I have seen I really like it. It is very simply to use and it allows you to give the quiz in two different way: you can create a pdf and print or you can have students take the quiz online. One of the feature that really sold me on this (because I've been a big Google Forms person for quizzes) is the ability to add in pictures. This was one of the thing that held me back when creating quizzes for my Chemistry classes. Don't get me wrong, I love Google for so many things, but creating online quizzes is one area where it's not the best. QuestBase seems like a good solution to problem of not being able to add pictures. In addition, I like that you can randomly rearrange both order of the questions and the order of the answers.

Do you have a great program you use to create tests? Do you give your tests online?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Create an online supply list and get a free set of glue sticks

I've posted about Teacher Lists before, but I wanted to make another post as they are having two great promotions going on right now.  The first one is that any new person who signs up and creates a list will get a dozen glue sticks sent to them. 
The second is that if you post your 2013-2014 school list before the begining of July you will be entered into a competition to win 25,000 BoxTops for your school (if your school particpates in the BoxTop program).

Try it out now, by going to Teacher Lists.

Just had to share a way to get free supplies for your classroom (I mean, who doesn't need those?!)