Friday, October 14, 2016

8 Keyboard Shortcuts Everyone Should Know

Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to save time when using the computer.  Here are a few of my favorites and some others that I was reintroduced to.

Control & C or Command & C (mac) is the shortcut to copy a picture or a selection of text.

Now that you copied this text, use Control & V or Command & V (mac) to paste the image of text.

Searching for something in a document or on a webpage?  To do this you use Control & F or Command & F (mac)

While you are searching you may want to easy move up and down the webpage and not have to scroll.  All you need to do is press the spacebar and you will jump down the webpage a chunk at a time.  If you want to move back up, simple use shift and the spacebar and that will bring you back up.

While you are searching the web you may want to open up a new tab.  You can easily do that my pressing Control & T or Command & T (mac).

You may also be clicking on links on these webpage.  If you don't have a setting that automatically opens up links in a new tab you can Control or Command (mac) before you click on the link and it will open up the link in a new tab.

Lastly to quickly close a tab all you need to do is Control & W or Command & W (mac)

I hope these were helpful!  As always, let me know with a comment if there is anything that you are looking to learn about!