Thursday, August 29, 2013

StudyChamps - worksheets and interactive mini-quizzes

If you are like me, you are always looking for a short worksheet to have for emergency situations or sub plans or for that student who always finishes early.  StudyChamps is a site that has a collection of worksheet and interactive for you to use.  (Besides science, it also has Social Studies, English and Math.)  I would say that this site is aimed mostly for elementary and middle school.  While the interactive are very simple, the nice thing is that the students don't need an account to be able to access them.  Just give the students the link (use a link shortener) and they are good to go!

Where do you look for those "little extras"?

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  1. Study Champs has now branched into a Membership domain called Study Champs Teachers Worksheets, this is done in order to segregate content for Teachers, Tutors and Schools/Coaching Institutes from the content for students.

    It brings thousands of worksheet resources at the finger tip of teachers and tutors which they store, print and use/ re-use. And we are adding more and more on weekly basis. Family is growing and I am humbled by support and cooperation of many known and unknown netizens.

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