Wednesday, January 17, 2024

From Grading Papers to Conquering Lesson Plans: Level Up Your Work From The Couch Setup

While I hate bringing work home, it's an inevitable truth.  We all know the struggle: lesson plans that pile up like epic boss battles, grading marathons that stretch into the wee hours, and emails that multiply like pesky side quests.

I usually work from my couch and recently received a lap desk from CouchMaster.  This isn't your average, rickety lap desk. It's a premium workstation designed to conquer even the most demanding educational workload. It has cooling ventilation slots to keep your laptop from overheating. 

Comfort is key here and the plush cushions keep the lap desk at an ideal height so you don't have to hunch over.  Plus, the storage pockets keep your pens, sticky notes, and other essentials ready.  I will say that this is no small setup, so be prepared for it to take up a good amount of space on your couch. 

It was very easy to assemble (see my video below), but I have to note that the velcro on the removable pocket isn't very strong and the pocket fell off when I put my mouse in it.

Let me know what your setup at home is like.  Share your favorite WFH hacks and must-have tools in the comments below! We're all in this together, and knowledge is power (especially when it comes to surviving the teacher life).