Sunday, March 31, 2013

EdCanvas - share multiple resources in one place

I just recently started using EdCanvas with my Biology students. We are in the midst of our lovely standardized testing and thus I am not seeing my classes for full periods (if at all). I didn’t want the classes I was missing to fall behind the classes that I was seeing so I created a little online classroom using EdCanvas. EdCanvas gives you the opportunity to post videos, documents, links and basically anything electronic on your canvas.
It was great, because I recorded some lectures, added some resources (links and extra worksheets) and they students were able to “be in class” without actually being in class. I guess you can think of it as a modified version of a flipped classroom.
Some of the kids loved it more than others, but I think that if I used it more consistently they would get more comfortable with it.
What does it look like? Here is my EdCanvas.
Here is a short video about using EdCanvas in your classroom.
What method do you use to share electronic resources with your classes?

Friday, March 29, 2013

Instant Screencasts

I just recently recorded some lectures for my students. I needed a way to make them feel like they were in class watching the PowerPoints and hearing me talk about them, but be able to do it from home. I came across the website that allowed me to record what is on my screen. It is called Screenr. I really liked it because it was very simply to use, it was free and didn’t require you to download anything to your computer. The only downside was that you can only record 5 minutes at a time. I know there are plenty of other screen capture programs out there, but you have to pay for them and I’m all about free ;-)
If you go to their site, there is a short video that explains it all. (I had originally posted the video here, but it would automatically play every time you visited my blog and I thought that would be annoying so I removed it).
Do you think you can use this website in other educational ways?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Plagiarism Tracker

If your school is anything like mine you have been feeling the push for the Common Core standards.  We are being encourage to do more reading and writing with the students.  I find this challenging because, as a science teacher, I don't really know how to grade writing assignments.  One thing that I often worry about is the students plagiarizing the writing assignments I give them. 
I recently found out about PlagTracker and tested it out.

I copied and pasted student work into the website.  The first time you use the website you give them an e-mail address and they will create an account for you.  When your entered text has been fully checked you get an e-mail saying that it's ready to be viewed.  You can log back in and see the results for up to a week.  There is a premium version if you require more detailed results and want instant feedback.

How have you integrated the CCLS into your curriculum?

Friday, March 8, 2013

Free Online Graph Paper

I wanted to share with you a website that my colleague shared with me that allows you to create your own graph paper.
I know that I am always using graph papers with my middle school classes because I really trying to get them to become proficient graphers.  Sometimes I am not able to get pre-printed graph paper or it just doesn't work with the graph that I am doing.  This is great because you print the graph paper exactly how you want it.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Triptico Version 2

I have mentioned Triptico before and now there is a new version for you to explore.

Here's a video that will show you some more about Triptico.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Problem Attic Update - More than just New York

Problem-Attic (a site I have mentioned in the past as a way to generate tests and worksheets from NYS Regents questions) has just updated their site with of 10,000 more questions (for a total of over 80,000).  Now you can access math, science and social studies questions from 8 more states (AK CA LA MD ME NV OR and PA).  The questions are for students in grades 3-12.

In additon you can find questions  originally used in the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) and  in the Trends in International Mathematics and Science (TIMSS).

If you haven't checked it out yet, I highly recommend it.

What sites do you like to use to generate worksheets and tests?