Thursday, October 29, 2015

Computational Thinking for Educators from Google

I just learned about a new free course that Google is offering online.  It's called Computational Thinking for Teachers. Computational Thinking (CT) is using things like patterns and algorithms to help your teaching.   T

The description from their page says:

"The goal of this course is to help educators learn about computational thinking (CT), how it differs from computer science, and how it can be integrated into a variety of subject areas. As a course participant, you will increase your awareness of CT, explore examples of CT integrated into your subject areas, experiment with examples of CT-integrated activities for your subject areas, and create a plan to integrate CT into your own curricula."

The course is going on from now until December 20th and you can sign up here.
Below is a video that gives a quick overview of the course.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Step up your Google skills

If you are looking to take your Google knowledge to the next level take a visit to the site below. It will give you a few things to try to help you learn more about using Google. Alice Keeler's blog is fantastic and I suggest that you subscribe to it!

Are you looking for more? Try these!

3 Docs Tips to Try:

3 Slides Tips to Try:

3 Sheets Tips to Try:

3 Drive Tips to Try: