Sunday, October 28, 2012

Problem Attic - NYS Regents Questions Test and Worksheet Generator

Problem-Attic is a great site that gives your access to questions from Math, Science, Social Studies, and English Regents Exams.  It includes tests from the past 30 years!

It's so simple (and FREE!!).  You simply pick the subject you want, select questions, arrange them in the order you want, pick the format you want them to print in and then print!
You can use it to create tests, worksheets, flashcards and overheads.

It's a great resource even for those who don't teach in NYS as it gives you access to a different bank of questions.
You can save the tests/worksheets to access them at a later time.  It also creates a pdf so that you can save it on your computer.

Do you use test generators in your class?  Which ones do you like the best?