Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Google Drive

I'm sure that many of you are already familiar with Google Docs, but it's time to say good-bye to Google Docs and hello to Google Drive.  If you haven't heard yet, Google Docs will be becoming Google Drive.  Current Google Docs users have the option to upgrade to Google Drive now instead of waiting for the full rollout.  Here is a link to Google's Blog that tells you more about Google Drive.

So what's my impression of Google Drive?  To me Google Drive combines the online publishing that Google Docs gave you with the syncing power that sites like DropBox gave you.  You can install the Google Drive program on your computer, phone and/or tablet and then no matter where you are you will have access to the files that you have placed in your Google Drive folder.

I installed Google Drive on my computer at work have have placed many of my folders in the Google Drive folder.  This way, if I leave my computer at home, I can still have access to my files.  In addition, I know that they are backed up if something were to happen to my computer.  I can also create a document in the Google Drive Cloud and when I turn on my computer it will be downloaded there and I have to access to it once again.

As with anything, I say just try it out and see if you like it.  I wasn't sold on it at first (I hate downloading things to my computer), but you have to give it a shot.  I ended up downloading it on my school computer and using it that way with my work Google account, but didn't download the program on my home computer for my personal Google account.  I did download that app for my phone, but then decided I didn't use it enough so I deleted it.  I can still access Google Drive through the web browser on my phone.

I would love to hear your thoughts on Google Drive.  Love it? Hate it?  Don't even want to go near it?