Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Text your parents and students

Ok, I know you might be thinking "There is NO WAY I am letting my parents/students have my cell phone number!"  That's where Remind101 comes into play!  It's a website that allows you to send texts to parents and students without ever giving out your number and without having to have parents/students give your theirs.

Right now they are running a back to school contest where you can win $500 in classroom supplies just for signing up!

It also gives parents/students an option to receive your messages as e-mails if they don't want the text
messages.  My plan is to use this next year to post my homework.  Remind 101 gives you a widget that shows a summary of the past text messages.  My plan to embed this widget into my webpage so that there is a record of the homework assignments that I send out.  Plus it's a way for students who don't sign up for this to have a place to see the homework if they forget to write it down during class.

Take a look at this short video to learn more.

What is your preferred method of communication with parents/students?

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