Sunday, March 31, 2013

EdCanvas - share multiple resources in one place

I just recently started using EdCanvas with my Biology students. We are in the midst of our lovely standardized testing and thus I am not seeing my classes for full periods (if at all). I didn’t want the classes I was missing to fall behind the classes that I was seeing so I created a little online classroom using EdCanvas. EdCanvas gives you the opportunity to post videos, documents, links and basically anything electronic on your canvas.
It was great, because I recorded some lectures, added some resources (links and extra worksheets) and they students were able to “be in class” without actually being in class. I guess you can think of it as a modified version of a flipped classroom.
Some of the kids loved it more than others, but I think that if I used it more consistently they would get more comfortable with it.
What does it look like? Here is my EdCanvas.
Here is a short video about using EdCanvas in your classroom.
What method do you use to share electronic resources with your classes?

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