Sunday, March 10, 2013

Plagiarism Tracker

If your school is anything like mine you have been feeling the push for the Common Core standards.  We are being encourage to do more reading and writing with the students.  I find this challenging because, as a science teacher, I don't really know how to grade writing assignments.  One thing that I often worry about is the students plagiarizing the writing assignments I give them. 
I recently found out about PlagTracker and tested it out.

I copied and pasted student work into the website.  The first time you use the website you give them an e-mail address and they will create an account for you.  When your entered text has been fully checked you get an e-mail saying that it's ready to be viewed.  You can log back in and see the results for up to a week.  There is a premium version if you require more detailed results and want instant feedback.

How have you integrated the CCLS into your curriculum?

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