Saturday, December 6, 2014

Top Posts of November and What I've been up to

Below you can find a recap of the top posts of November.  This November was crazy and I attended 3 difference conferences/workshops.  Needless to say that I have so much new information to process.  I'll be talking about it in the upcoming posts.  One of the major themes that I took from this month of learning was to really think about what I want my students to learn with each assignment.  Yes, you want them to learn the content, but what is underlying skill that they can transfer to all areas of their life.  Something to think about!

Top Posts of November

  1. PowToon - Animated Videos (free upgrade to premium) 
  2. My Google Basics for Teaching Certificate
  3. StudyBlue Pro - give it a try!
  4. URL shorteners
  5. PowToon Slides - Animated Slide Shows
  6. Google Basics for Teaching
  7. Hour of Code
  8. ClassDojo - manage student behavior
  9. how to use any phone (including "dumb" phones) to do research
  10. Top 10 Posts of October and what I've been up to

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