Saturday, October 18, 2014

Creating accounts when kids don't have their own e-mail addresses

Sometimes you need to make accounts for students and those accounts need e-mail addresses. The problem is that sometimes your kids are too young to have e-mail addresses. I found out about this hack a few years ago, but I'm just remembering to share it now. All you have to do is to add +1, +2, the end of your e-mail address. Then it is like the students have an e-mail address, but all messages go to your e-mail address.

For example, if you were, then you could use,, etc. The site you are using sees this as a new e-mail address, but any e-mail sent to it goes to your e-mail address.

I know that this works on Google and believe that it works on Yahoo as well. This is a workaround so there are no guarantees that it will work every time.

Have you had success with this?

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