Thursday, December 29, 2011

Do you know Mobi?

For the past few years I have been using a product called Mobi from a company called EInstruction.  What is this product you ask, well it's really just a giant mouse that you carry around with you, but it does so much.  It's about the size of a composition notebook and it wirelessly connects with your computer.  Now you can stand at the back of the room and interact with your computer.  You can do simple things that you would normally do with a regular mouse but it also has the added feature of allowing you to write on the computer like an interactive whiteboard. 
I love it because it does everything that you can do with an interactive whiteboard, but you don't need to feel trapped at the front of the room in order to manipulate the board.  As a traveling teacher this is really easy for me because I don't need to reconnect to the board that in the classroom.  I have the used both the Interwrite electronic whiteboards that are in the classrooms and the Mobi that I bring along with me and I love the flexibility of the Mobi.  (Plus it's A LOT cheaper and much easy to get your school to buy or get a grant for).

What interactive whiteboards do you have?  Do you have any fun accessories that go with them?

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