Friday, December 30, 2011

Bill Nye Worksheets

If your middle school kids are anything like my middle school kids, they love watching Bill Nye the Science Guy.  I try to show the movies as much as I can because I know the kids like it and I think it's nice to have material presented to them in a different way.  I usually just show them the movie and that's was it, but I found this site that has worksheets to go along with the Bill Nye videos.  The site from Star Materials.  The worksheets are not anything fabulous, but just enough to make sure that the kids are paying attention during the movie.  It also gives you a good follow up to the movie and a closure to the lesson.

I'll be trying them out this year with all of the videos I show in the future....will you try them too?


  1. I loved Bill Nye as a kid haha :) How easy is it for you to get TV's into the room you are teaching? It's a big pain for us to get the TV (it's upstairs and involves elevators and elevator keys and sharing the TV with a million other people). Huge pain in the bum. I need a smartboard!

  2. The classrooms I teach in have projectors so I am able to play the DVD through my computer. Each grade in the MS has TV to share so you can borrow those (or get one from the other grade if your grade's is taken).
    It's a pain when I want the laptop cart because I need to bring that down to basement for my HS class. Luckily there is no elevator key.

  3. where did you find your Bill Nye videos?

    1. I usually purchase them on iTunes. They aren't too expensive and no quality issues.