Tuesday, February 21, 2023

How to create an email group in Gmail

Creating an email group in Gmail is a great way to easily email a group of people such as students, parents, clumb members, or deparment colleagues.  Here are the steps to create a group (mailing list) in Gmail as of 2023:

  • Navigate to contacts.google.com 
  • Check off the people you want in the group (a checkbox will appear when you hover over it)
  • Click the icon at the top of the page that looks like a tag (it will say "Mange Labels" when you hover over it) 
  • Click "Create label."
  • Type in the name you want to give the group.  I like to add in the school year as I might have another group with the same name the following year (such as 2022-2023 Parents or 2019-2020 Robotics Club).  Click "Save."
  • You will see your group on the left side under labels.
  • To add people to the group, you can repeat step 3 and select the name of the group to add more people.
  • To remove people from the group, click on the label and check of the people you want to remove.  Click on the label icon and uncheck the label.
  • Your contacts can be a part of multiple labels too.

You can now use the label to send emails to multiple people at once.  In Gmail, start typing in the name of the group and click on it when it appears. 

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