Monday, April 19, 2021

Math Solver App

Math Solver is a website and app that will show you how to solve a problem and create practice problems for you.  While I know that many teachers will scoff at a website like this, I think that they can be very helpful. I do think that it is important for students to to know how to solve these problems themselves, this can be helpful when practicing.  This app will show students how to solve problems and define mathematical concepts, graph problems, and allows students to practice.  As I mentioned this is both a website and an app.  The app has OCR and math problems can be scanned in with the camera on the phone.  

I love the simplicity.  Students choose a topic, see sample problems, and then can practice themselves.  In the end, what I like most about this app/website is that gives students the independence to practice on their own. 

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