Monday, December 5, 2022

Orange Slice: Google Doc Rubric Extention

OrangeSlice is a rubric extension for Google Docs that comes in two parts: a teacher rubric and a student rubric.  The teacher rubric works to provide grades and/or feedback to students.  The student rubric can be used for self or peer review.

There are three types of rubrics: holistic, competency and analysis.  A holistic rubric gives the student an average of their performance across all categories you set up.  Competency rubrics gives the student a score based on their weakest category.  An analysis rubric is the one we most think of when thinking of rubrics and gives a number grade based on the total of all categories.   The nice thing is that you can start off with a holistic rubric during the assignment to provide feedback before the assignment is due and then switch to a competency rubric once a final grade is needed. 

Would you be interested in more posts about creating OrangeSlice Rubrics?  Let me know.  You can also view their help doc here.

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  1. Hi! I really like this option you shared of providing rubrics as an extension in Google Docs. The idea of using these rubrics as a tool for self-evaluation can be an empowering practice for young learners. Do you have any examples of work you have created with Orange Slice? Thanks for sharing!