Monday, January 16, 2023

5 Free Programs to create Screen recordings

If you are looking to make a screen recording, there are so many free programs about there that you can use.  Here are my top five.  They are roughly in order of my favorites (it's hard to pick a favorite!)  I've listed some features of each and will include links to more in depth tutorials on each. Let me know what your tool of choice is. 
  • Loom
    • web based and downloadable program
    • freemium (teachers can get the premium version for free)
    • camera and screen options
    • option to highlight cursor and annotate the screen
  • Screencastify
    • web based (extension for Chrome or Edge)
    • must have a Google account, option to connect to Google Classroom to accept video assignments
    • Free or paid options
    • 10 video limit for free version, 30 minutes per video
    • Ability to add interactive questions
    • option to annotate the screen, highlight the cursor and add stickers
    • camera and screen options
  • Powerpoint
    • desktop version only (paid)
    • unlimited time
    • no annotation options
  • Screencast -o- matic
    • web, tablet, and desktop versions (options to upgrade for premium features)
    • option for screenshots and annotations
    • 15 minute video limit
    • connects with variety of LMS
  • QuickTime
    • Mac only
    • Desktop only
    • option to connect iPhone or iPad to record that screen

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