Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Zaption Presenter

Zaption Presenter is now out of beta and open to all!  If you haven't heard of Zaption before it a website that allows you to insert questions into videos so that students are stopped along the way and asked them to respond to a question.  Up until now it was an individual task.  Now you can create a tour (what Zaption calls a video that you have inserted questions into) that the whole class watches at the same time.  Students get a code and can answer the questions on their own devices during the video.  The question shows up both on the video and on their screen.  In addition, you can add questions to the tour on the fly if there is something that you want to focus on.  Below is a sample tour that will explain to you how Zaption presenter works.

How do you typically show vidoes in your classroom?

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