Sunday, September 27, 2015

Multi-Owner Classes in Remind

Multi-Owner Classes in Remind

Remind just launched a new feature that allows for multi-owner classes. This is great for those who coteach classes or who have two advisors or coaches for a sport. If you aren't familiar with Remind it's a way to send text messages and/or e-mails to students in a safe way. There is also a feature, that you can enable, to allow students to send you messages as well.

Here's an overview of Remind, plus some handy quick-start guides and fact sheets -- and this video of a principal talking about how he uses Remind.

Increasing parental engagement and satisfaction:

Principal Adam Welcome uses Remind schoolwide and surveys parents re: engagement and satisfaction: on his last survey, 99% of parents agreed that his Remind messages were helpful and useful. One teacher Remind to ping parents about end-of-year conferences, and had 100% of families show up for the first time ever. See here for a case study.

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