Monday, August 11, 2014

Using geographical maps in the classroom

Introducing the Free, Self-Paced, Open, Online Course:

Developing Project Based Instructional Units Utilizing ArcGIS Online

The purpose of this 5-part, self-paced course is to guide teachers to develop project based instructional units in which students analyze spatial data. Having students examine data, and patterns, and make claims using spatial data as evidence promotes learning within content areas and complements research on how students learn.

Technical Skills
  • Build experience with ArcGIS online as a tool for creating and analyzing spatial data
  • Discover the power of using spatial data to communicate ideas
  • Gather and prepare spatial data for teaching and learning

Instructional Skills
  • Learn about how students learn
  • Develop lessons using a project based instructional framework
  • Manage student-centered learning
  • Create lessons that require students to analyze spatial data and practice 21st century skills
Assessment Skills
  • Design an appropriate assessment of student learning and conceptual understanding that requires students to utilize spatial data to communicate ideas
  • Align assessments with learning goals
  •  Examine student work to guide development of quality assessments that measure student learning

Developed as part of the Examining Your Environment through the Power of Data (EYEPOD) Project funded by the National Science Foundation's Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers (ITEST) program. Award DRL #0929846.

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