Monday, January 13, 2014

Creating an easy Works Cited Page

If your school is anything like mine the Common Core wave is just being dumped onto you.  Along with that comes a lot of writing.  If you are having students do research then you might be asking them to submit a Works Cited page.  Here are 3 sites that easily allow your students to create these pages.
  1. EasyBib - this sites allows you to just type in the name of a book or enter a website address and gives you MLA citation (other versions are also available, but not on the free site).
  2. Citation Machine - this site is a little less robust than the last.  It is really only good for citing books, but gives you the option of using MLA or APA citations.
  3. BibMe - this one is my favorite because it is the most robust.  It gives you the option to cite just about anything that you need, plus you have the options to use MLA, APA or Chicago formats.
If you are also concerned about plagiarism take a look at this site to help with that.

What does the common core look like in your classroom?

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