Thursday, May 9, 2013

Barrons Regents site - one subscription gets you access to all subject exams

I have been using for a few years now as I have found that they are the cheapest of the paid sites and they give you access to all of the regents exams (this means I don't need to pay twice for my Biology and Chemistry classes).

Right they are running a special and are giving 10% to people who register with a referral code from an existing member. I wanted to share my code with you in case anyone is interested in signing up. I like that I can go in and look at questions from any subject. (Colleagues have occasionally asked me to pull up a bank of questions for History or Math).

My referral code is 10116 and it will get you a subscription for one year for $33.29. As many school are looking into their budgets for the next school year, this might be something that you can put a Purchase Order in for.

They also have a function for students to get their own subscriptions so they can practice on their own. I don't know if the price is different than the teacher one, but I'm sure the referral code will give them a discount too.

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  1. Thank you for posting your code. I am a tutor of a home bound student and the school she goes to has provided me with no materials for her to study up for the regents. I am ordering the subscription so I can use with all my students.