Sunday, August 19, 2012

Something for all science teachers

This is not a piece of technology to use with the students, but it is something that will help both you and them.  I am currently taking the Flinn Scientific Safety Course and I really recommend it to all science teachers.  Please note: I am not affiliated with Flinn in anyway (I'm not a affiliated with any of the resources I talk about). 
Even as someone who majored in the sciences and have multiple degrees in science teaching I have never had a class specifically on lab safety.  Everything I know I picked up through my own experiences in the lab.  This course helped fill in the gaps and refresh my memory on things.  Plus it's free!  You can even take this class for credit as a certificate will print out at the end.  Just ask your district if they'll count it as in-service credit.
You can even watch sections on a specific topic if you just want a refresher is a specific area.

What do you do in your classroom regarding lab safety?

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