Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Succeeding With Science

I first learned about Succeding with Science from Richard Bryne and his technology blog. If you haven't checked it, it's a must see (you'll notice that I learn about a lot of things from his blog).

It is arranged by age level, but I have found the "simulations" not to match up well with the age they say it should be for. For the most part it is very simplified. I did look at one simulation for middle school students on the reproductive system and I found that to be a bit detailed for that age group. It got a bit better when I looked at the high school level activities. I was linked to LabMouse Online which was actually a bit better than I expected.

Overall this a good website if you looking for a general overview of things or you want to include it in a list of links for students to access at home.

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